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"In ship log books and navigational news stories that recount the long intercontinental oceanic crossing of centuries past, one may read accounts in which navigators testify to witnessing an amazing and marvellous nocturnal phenomenon. Suddenly the sea would become luminous. The sailing ships would be bathed in light emanating from the darkest abysses and would be transported into a dream world. Today we have since discovered the agent responsible for that miracle: a bioluminous protist one millimetre in length, known as Noctiluca Scintillans. Suspended in total darkness, these dinoflagellates scintillate in absolute silence. And the notes of Oreobambo's music also seem to spring forth from the same profound depths and are surrounded by the same silence."

"In antiquity "the musician" was a natural and spontaneous phenomenon, a born shaman and not an artist or academic, an isolated being, an intermediary figure between the world of men and that of the spirits thanks to the sonorous harmony that he managed to produce."

Maria Capaldi

"Pure music, the purest I know. No room for styles, schools or influences of any kind. A mirror reflecting nothing, and this is all so beautiful.
What happens to me while I listen is that I find myself following that sound and don't know where it may take me, don't know where I am going or where I am, but all is so pure and profound that I am fascinated. No more familiar routes, no more musical thought as I know it, as is usually taught and is, however, used and abused in the usual ways: the only image that pops out is the sea of the abstract, and I stay as in a dream.
Oreobambo's Solo Piano surely is one of the clearest and purest moments in the magma of those I happen to walk through."

Matteo della Rovere

"All these events are presented and developed outside of and beyond all the rules of orthodox tonal harmony, the bipolar modalities (major and minor), and even completely skipping over the twelve-tone style (...)"

" (...) Oreobambo has written music which does not allow us to use a ‘critical system’ that is rooted in the musical culture which has permeated our civilization until now."

"In my opinion this music has almost nothing of the physical and yet it dynamically portrays the mutations of substance. It cannot be described as human and yet it is upheld by an extremely intense poetic force. It seems to come from other worlds which are observing us, and who, through these sounds, wish to build a bridge to us.
We hear sounds that find ephemeral expression through the body and hands of the executioner (Oreobambo himself), which then disperse and blend into the indefinable. I would dare to define it as Sidereal".

Riccardo Piccirilli

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